My name is Nadia Ferreira, I have lived and worked in the United States of America between 1994 – 2009 and have experience and understanding what people want and need from a website.  America is a culture where everything is connected to the internet in some fashion, and I believe that South Africa is moving in the same direction. 

For the past year living here in Johannesburg South Africa I have noticed how crucial it is for anyone doing business in South Africa to also become part of the internet community.  The internet is becoming more freely available here and South African culture is adapting to the new business environment. Customers will now first shop online before they leave the house or not leave the house at all.  Internet use on cell phones are also rapidly growing and ensuring that your website is also mobi enabled is very important.  The internet provides any business access to their client’s homes, cars and workplaces that they would not have had otherwise.  Would you like your business to have this kind of accessibility?  Look no further because you have found your solution.

My first passion in life is helping people, and helping YOU become connected with the international world via the internet is my priority.  As your Kwikwap consultant I provide you acces to have a Fully Interactive Website for R2500 with unlimited pages, that you manage yourself. The monthly cost is only between R59 and R150 (+VAT) per month AND you get a complete tool to manage your website. I am only a phone call or email away if you need help.

You will not get a better deal anywhere in South Africa!


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